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we are the sisterhood

together and apart

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants RPG
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This group was created on June 9, 2004 by user, perspective_101, exactly one day after I (ya, that's me) saw the movie. All the inspiration is from the series, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. This is a RPG so there is an application and there will be cuts if more than one person wants the part. Come on, apply, join, and get ready for the greatest summer (and fall, winter, and spring!!) of our lives.


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♥rudeness to other members is completely unacceptable!! If you make anyone feel horrible (unless it is part of the rpg) you will be pulled off and replaced. no second chances.
♥this is not a place to advertise! please, keep your ads for other communities away from ours!

for the characters

♥to join, state which character you would like (see rule below) and then put the application in a lj-cut. all applications not in one will not be looked at.
♥only one person per character. (ex. two Tibbys = no) once the spot is taken, it's gone. now, sometimes if someone is inactive, we will put some ads for new people . . .so if you missed your favorite character, don't freak out and wait a bit.
♥please notify me before any drastic move in the story (deaths, sickness, etc)
♥you MUST make a lj for your character. make sure the usernames have to do with the character and make sure there are no numbers in it. if you must, please contact me.
♥you MUST make an entry in the other communities atleast once a week. i understand with camps and stuff if you can't but you must contact me and tell the others. if you just do not post and there are no conflicts, you will be replaced. guranteed!
♥your character's lj is for the purpose of writing the character's feelings and recieving help from the sisters. . no limit of updating, though using it is very good for the rpg. consider it!
♥be like your character! no trying to be carmen if your tibby, etc. ooh! and no, absolutely NO typing LYke DIs, it MAKeZ u LoOk LYkE reTodded!!

♥you MUST put this in the user info of your journal. i will check, for this is necessary!

This journal is written by a fan and is meant for entertainment purposes only. It is no way associated with Ann Brashares or The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants books. No libel, malice or copyright infringement is intended.

♥i'm sure i'll think of more, so keep coming back here and check. .


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♥email: love.pants@gmail.com
♥personal email: jls212@gmail.com

♥please, only contact me if it has to with the rules or questions about the community - no stupid emails, please!

FOR ALL MEMBERS: If you have been given a role and character in this community, please also join
to discuss strategies for roleplaying, and to help time your posts with the other characters. Thanks!