perspective_101 (perspective_101) wrote in love_pants,

DATE SET, girls...

Ok girls:

Here's the 4-1-1!!

♥I will have the characters that have applications in by this WEDNESDAY!! So, please, check back, though I will be contacting each and everyone one of you. . .hey, I may LOVE your application, but may need you as a different part. .

♥From those who are offered spots, I will be searching for 2 other maintainers/mods . . . a very important part of this community. . so you will have to try out. . That application will also be up Wednesday.

♥Completed the Greek community and headers for the others, hope to have them all done by Wednesday also.

♥I'm hoping to get this baby rolling on FRIDAY!! So check the email, check back here. . and go off to make that lj!

love you all,

24/7 at
other questions go to
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Bridget's journal right here! I'll customize it and stuff later, but I just wanted to get this done before I forget.
yay! glad to know that. . .

off to edit the characters list..

my lj is __lena (two underscores)

get ready girls!!
Are we the only three who have created our journals so far? I'm trying to add everyone... :-\
carmabelle__ is Carmen's.
Pay(tibby)'s journal is rebel_tibby
I posted in the journal, I hope that's ok? :(
that's fine....communities are being customized this weekend, sorry for the wait...I'm a perfectionist!!!

Go ahead and RPG in your journals for now, and if you don't have permission for this community for both your regular and RPG lj, request it please!