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Let's Get Going, Girls!

Hi Guys!
Sorry I haven't really been doing anything as your assistant moderator. Thanks to
who finally alerted me to the fact that Jessica's gone for the next three weeks andI'm supposed to choose the other moderator. I don't know who it should be yet,
so bear with me hehehe.
Anyway, I thought I'd step in and get us playing again. Sorry again for being so clueless. I promise never to do it again!
I think we should base this RPG on the books, that's just my take. What do you guys think? Because the books came first, you know... that's just how I feel.
I'm going to go ahead and give the parts to the people who wanted them and who tried out in the audition section, because they've waited long enough, heehee, and they are good people and should get them anyway, so hope that's cool with Jessica, and all of you.
As for what we should do next, I think everyone who has a character should spice up their journals and go ahead and make another entry for their character, without making too drastic a move yet. I'm going to make another community in which we can discuss what's happening in the RPG (i.e., when Tibby and Bailey should get ready to meet), so I'll post about that ASAP.
Thanks for reading, and please do comment with ideas or suggestions.
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Hi, I'm Bee, and I'm playing Krista. Krista's journal is at kristikrista. Should I add Carmen as a friend now, or should I wait until I meet her? And should I add the sisters and Bailey?
Thanks for letting me in, this is a great community!
You can go ahead and add all of them now. Good job for making a journal!
Btw you can add Bailey too. Jessica says that's okay.
Hey Caitlin, since we've decided to go based on the books... should the girls go ahead and "discover" the pants that I'm going to get rid of?
I think tha'ts a great idea. I'll let you be the one to post about it in
if you like. If you donh't want to just let me know and I'll do it.
Thanks so much!
go ahead girls,

have fun!!

I'm loving all these characters!!

Heehee I'm so glad ya feel that way. :D
Caitlin/Bailey xoxoxoxox