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Does anyone have any pictures of Emily Tennant/Krista Rodman? I wanted to make an icon, but I can't find any pictures (except for some thumbnails from when she was in that killer bee movie, and they're too small, and you can't use the full size ones unless you're a member) and I've used Google and Yahoo Image Search. Urgh...

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Let's Get Going, Girls!

Hi Guys!
Sorry I haven't really been doing anything as your assistant moderator. Thanks to
who finally alerted me to the fact that Jessica's gone for the next three weeks andI'm supposed to choose the other moderator. I don't know who it should be yet,
so bear with me hehehe.
Anyway, I thought I'd step in and get us playing again. Sorry again for being so clueless. I promise never to do it again!
I think we should base this RPG on the books, that's just my take. What do you guys think? Because the books came first, you know... that's just how I feel.
I'm going to go ahead and give the parts to the people who wanted them and who tried out in the audition section, because they've waited long enough, heehee, and they are good people and should get them anyway, so hope that's cool with Jessica, and all of you.
As for what we should do next, I think everyone who has a character should spice up their journals and go ahead and make another entry for their character, without making too drastic a move yet. I'm going to make another community in which we can discuss what's happening in the RPG (i.e., when Tibby and Bailey should get ready to meet), so I'll post about that ASAP.
Thanks for reading, and please do comment with ideas or suggestions.
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Some Thoughts About the RPG

Hi Guys,
For those of you who don't know, I'm Caitlin, and i'm playing
I hope it's okay that i'm posting here. I was just wondering if anyone has any thoughts of how we're going to stay on the same page as far as plots go: like, how we'll we make sure Lena and Kostos aren't already best friends before Tibby's even met Bailey, for an example. I know some RPG's make a separate community where the actual logistics of the gameplay are discussed. I don't know if this would be a good idea for this one?
Also, I'm not going to start commenting until I meet Tibby in the RPG, cuz I'm not supposed to know you guys yet. I did at first and said I found you through the Bethesda community but i deleted them cuz it sounded too weird.
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
I'm loving this RPG and I think that the four of you who are the four girls are doing a super job roleplaying. The comments sound just like how the girls would talk. Love it.
Caitlin/Bailey :)
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DATE SET, girls...

Ok girls:

Here's the 4-1-1!!

♥I will have the characters that have applications in by this WEDNESDAY!! So, please, check back, though I will be contacting each and everyone one of you. . .hey, I may LOVE your application, but may need you as a different part. .

♥From those who are offered spots, I will be searching for 2 other maintainers/mods . . . a very important part of this community. . so you will have to try out. . That application will also be up Wednesday.

♥Completed the Greek community and headers for the others, hope to have them all done by Wednesday also.

♥I'm hoping to get this baby rolling on FRIDAY!! So check the email, check back here. . and go off to make that lj!

love you all,

24/7 at
other questions go to


To join this rpg, based on the books and move of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, please follow this:

♥read the user info of the community, very throughly, you never know when you may miss something!
♥come back here and fill out the application below
♥make sure everything is correct and i'll contact you . . meaning leave me an email in your application. . .


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